• Baguio City, Cordillera Administrative Region, Philippines

Pananglagip kadagiti Banwar ti Umili: Monument for Chico Heroes Unveiled

April 26, 2017

On April 23, 2017 in Tinglayan, Kalinga, the monument dedicated to the heroes of the Chico struggle was unveiled. The unveiling was the first part of the 2017 Cordillera Day commemoration. Cordillera Day has been organized by CPA since 1985. The commemoration in Kalinga from April 23-25 is now the 33rd. The marker bears the silhouette images of Macliing Dulag, Lumbaya Gayudan and Pedro Dungoc Sr., all belonging to the Butbut tribe. Dungoc and Lumbaya took up arms and joined the revolutionary New People’s Army after Macliing Dulag’s assassination on April 24, 1980 by the Philippine Army. The monument shows the faces of Macliing Dulag, Lumbaya Gayudan and Pedro Dungoc Jr., of the Butbut tribe and inscribed include the names of Gaspar Yag-ao, Elena Edpis, Dalunag Dawadaw, Simeon Talis, Orchag Olyog, Daniel Ijog, Yag-ao Ebulwang, Pingwot Dawing, Julio Dalunag, Guzman Gunday and Kathlyn Atumpa.

The monument is in memorial of what the Chico Heroes fought for—ancestral land, life and honor; but more importantly a memorial of what they fought against—government imposition of a destructive project, militarization, human rights violations—so that younger generations will remember, carry on the legacy, and not forget.

Building the marker was done with the Butbtu tribe, especially the kin of Macliing, Dungoc and Lumbaya. Architect Vladimir Longid and solar artist Jordan Mangosan designed the monument ***