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Last updated: April 21, 2004
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Cordillera's indigenous peoples typically view their world, their ancestral territory, their immediate environment, as some kind of sphere or round shape. Thus, the circle has come to represent the ancestral domain of indigenous peoples — not just the land but all the resources it holds. Indeed, the circle represents life. (In fact, it is said that this circular or spherical world image is widespread among many other indigenous peoples worldwide.)

Again, among many indigenous peoples of the Cordillera, the lizard often represents good fortune, or long life, or prosperous livelihood. The lizard theme can thus be seen in many hand-crafted products of our communities — in our handweaves, basketry, and woodcarvings for example.

Red, representing bravery, determination and struggle, is the dominant color among many Cordillera indigenous peoples (although in some areas with stronger lowland influence, it could be supplanted by browns and dark blues).

The image of an indigenous family gazing at their rice terraces is self-explanatory. It gives emphasis to the role of the indigenous peoples in carving out, nurturing, and defending their land, their lives, their livelihoods, throughout the ages.

Home > CPA logo description
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