• Baguio City, Cordillera Administrative Region, Philippines

Livelihood for drivers, transport service to commuters!

March 5, 2023

We express strong support for the 'national transport strike' in solidarity with traditional jeepney drivers and the legion of commuters opposing the unjust and anti-poor PUV Modernization Program of the government.

Various groups from the transport sector, mostly poor jeepney drivers and their families, have been raising concerns regarding the government's public transport development plan that threatens to rob them of their meager income. Many jeepney drivers acquired huge losses due to the closing of some jeepney routes during the height of the lockdown; already reeling from the impact of the pandemic, the government's plan to phaseout traditional jeepneys will mean an extermination of poor drivers' main source of livelihood.

The drivers have repeatedly expressed their support for 'modernization' instead of 'jeepney phaseout'; for their concerns to be heard and for them to be properly consulted and have proper representation in the transport development planning. The government, however, remained unfazed by these clamors and went on to craft a development plan that favors corporate transport companies, demands huge capital which is an additional burden for drivers and operations to comply, and contains policies that require more capital for franchises.

The government's inaction and neglect of the basic sectors are pushing people to take action. It is therefore no surprise that our drivers are calling for a national transport strike inorder to protect their livelihood when those in office refuse to listen.

The jeepney drivers' and operators' livelihood is public service- transport service to the millions of Filipinos across the nation. It is no doubt that these jeepneys provided the much needed mobility for the economy's continuous flow as the country's main labor force come from low-income groups that ride the jeepneys to their various places of work.

We, therefore, offer our full support in the drivers' and operators' struggle for a pro-people transport development plan!