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Since its formation, CPA has committed itself to establishing friendly and principled relations with overseas indigenous peoples’ organizations, advocate groups, and progressive individuals and institutions.

In 1987, CPA organized and hosted the first Asian Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Conference, which led to the establishment of the Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP). This organization remains as a major Asian IP formation, and CPA is presently in its executive committee as represented by its Chairperson.

CPA also organized and hosted the First Asian Indigenous Women’s Conference in January 1990, which led to the formation of the Asia Indigenous Women’s Network (AIWN).

CPA is also a founding member of the International Alliance of Indigenous/Tribal Peoples of the Tropical Forest ( known as International Alliance of IPs), which was formally established in 1993.

Likewise, CPA maintains strong solidarity relations with numerous IP advocate groups based in countries of the global North.

In line with its international lobby and advocacy work, CPA regularly participates in the annual meeting of the United Nations Working Group on Indigenous Issues, and the sessions of the United Nations Working Group on the draft Declaration of Indigenous Peoples’ Rights. Likewise, it actively participates in the annual sessions of the United Nations Permanent Forum on indigenous issues since the forum was established in 2001.

CPA sponsored an Asian Human Rights Training on International Human Rights Instruments in October 2002, in partnership with the Saami Council based in Norway.

In line with its advocacy against large dams, CPA hosted the Second Meeting of the Rivers Watch, East and Southeast Asia (RWESA) in February 2002, and is currently the facilitator of this network opposed to large dams and for the protection of rivers and people’s livelihood.

CPA also participated actively in processes of the World Commission on Dams (WCD) and is a member of the Dams and Development Forum of Dams and Development Project of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). On the basis of its advocacy and campaigns against large dams and commercial mining, CPA maintains very broad linkages and partnerships at the international level.

Since 2002, CPA has also been participating in the World Social Forum as the biggest gathering of anti-globalization civil society organizations and institutions, organizing its own events with other IP organizations. It also participated in the NGO parallel events during the 2003 Cancun Meeting of the World Trade Organization.

CPA seeks to unite with all anti-imperialist groups and organizations. It is a member of the International League of Peoples’ Struggles (ILPS), an anti-imperialist formation at the international level. #


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