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The Cordillera Peoples Alliance (CPA) is an independent federation of progressive peoples organizations, most of them grassroots-based organizations among indigenous communities in the Cordillera Region, Philippines. CPA is committed to the promotion and defense of indigenous peoples’ rights, human rights, social justice, and national freedom and democracy.

CPA is a non-stock, non-profit mass-organization duly registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission.

CPA was founded in June 1984 in Bontoc, Mountain Province, by 150 delegates from 27 organizations attending the Cordillera People’s Congress. The founders of CPA were mainly indigenous leaders and activists who spearheaded the widespread and successful opposition to the World Bank-funded Chico dams project and the commercial logging operations of the Cellophil Resources Corporation.

This was during the Marcos dictatorship period, when the government and its corporate partners pursued destructive projects in the Cordillera region, coupled with worsening militarization and political repression. There was then a need to strengthen the mass movement of indigenous peoples in the Cordillera to work for the promotion, recognition and defense of indigenous peoples (IP) rights and human rights. The newly-formed CPA answered this need.

Through the years, CPA has launched sustained information drives, advocacy activities, campaigns and direct actions and local struggles on indigenous peoples’ rights and related issues. These activities were implemented along side organizing work of various indigenous communities in the region and building their capacity through education seminars, trainings and various types of assistance. Through the years, CPA has expanded to include 120 community organizations, three provincial chapters in Mountain Province, Kalinga, and Abra, urban multi-sectoral chapter in Baguio city, Municipal Chapter in Itogon Benguet, and sectoral federations of youth, women, elders, peasant and cultural workers.

CPA, as an alliance, respects the independence and autonomous operation of its members. But it also provides a system of tight coordination and close cooperation in the implementation of its general program as its basis of unity.

Today, CPA has gained recognition and legitimacy as a major center of the progressive Cordillera mass movement with its independence, unwavering commitment and its consistent and sustained advocacy, campaigns and direct actions on the recognition of indigenous peoples rights, human rights, social justice, genuine peace and national democracy.

Drawing strength from its two decades of experiences and lessons, CPA continues to pursue its commitment to advance its general programme and principles. #

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