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December 4, 2007

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CPA, CHRA Commend Baguio Dads' Reso Versus Political Persecution

Cordillera Peoples Alliance, Tongtongan Ti Umili, and Cordillera Human Rights Alliance salute the Baguio City Council for coming-out with a resolution manifesting their growing concern on human rights.

In its regular session on November 26, 2007, the City Council unanimously approved the resolution entitled 'Denouncing All Political Persecutions and Expressing Support for the Speedy Disposition of the Criminal Complaints against Jose 'Joe' Cawiding'. Jose Cawiding, is the Bayan Muna leader and a member of the Cordillera Peoples Alliance who is now detained in Benguet Provincial Jail due to trumped-up charges, similar to the other cases of political persecutions.

As organizations that exist amid escalating human rights abuses, Tongtongan Ti Umili Cordillera Peoples Alliance and Cordillera Human Rights Alliance feel the sympathy and support given by our public officials. It is comforting to know that our city officials are aware of the attacks on human rights like the phenomenon of political persecution and have resolutely and courageously stood against it.

This is also being felt by the family, relatives, friends and colleagues of Joe Cawiding. Joe is facing all the charges lodged against him. With the default of the prosecution to present any witness at all in their hearing last Nov 7, Nov 27 and Nov 28, a speedy disposition leading to his release is likely.

The resolution states that "political persecutions and human rights abuses still continue unabated. Therefore, it is imperative to raise a public outcry to denounce these transgressions of human rights."

We are one with the council in calling for a public outcry. Further, we call on all human rights advocates and the general public to continue working for justice for the countless victims of human rights violations.

The resolution is the last in the series of resolutions unanimously passed by the City Council regarding issues on human rights such as the condemnation of the killing of Romy Sanchez; condemnation of the killing of Rafael 'Markus' Bangit; and condemnation of all cases of extrajudicial killings. #

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