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Stop SRD to control Pangasinan flooding
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Posted: September 4, 2004
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Press Release
August 28, 2004


“There is no better way than to stop the operation of the dam!”

This is the statement of Joan Carling, Chairperson of Cordillera Peoples Alliance, after the San Roque Dam released water three times since August 26 flooding 25 towns and three cities of Pangasinan.

According to DSWD two gates were opened the first time it released water in August 26. Yesterday, at 9 o’ clock in the morning, the dam opened 6 gates releasing 6 meters of water and at 3 o’ clock in the afternoon, 10 meters more of water was released when it opened 4 of its gates.

“The San Roque Dam failed to control flood which is supposed to be one of its functions. In fact, flooding in Pangasinan has worsened since the operation of San Roque Dam started, causing more damages to farmers and fishermen. This is adding more misery to those already been victimized by the dam construction, many of whom remain not properly compensated to this day,” said Carling.

A report from National Disaster Coordinating Council said that the flood had cost Pangasinan P17, 285, 930 damages to its crops, properties and fisheries. Carling added that the San Roque Power Corporation (SRPC) should be held responsible to the damages it has caused to the people of Pangasinan. SRD is the one being pointed at by the officials of the flooded areas to be the main root of what is being described as the highest flood Pangasinan has experienced since 1972.

Carling emphasized that this gigantic dam project is not just disastrous but also a big financial burden that the government is paying through the people’s money. The monthly payment given to the San Roque Power Corporation ranges from US $ 11,000 to US $ 16,000 monthly since its operation and the power generated is not optimized because of lack of transmission lines. She also claimed that catastrophic projects like this are partly to blame for the fiscal crisis of the country today.

Carling asserted that with these reasons, we should immediately put a stop to the current operation of the dam. We should never pay to a disaster causing dam like the San Roque Dam and the San Roque Power Corporation should be made accountable to the flooding of Pangasinan. # PUBLIC INFORMATION COMMISSION-CORDILLERA PEOPLES ALLIANCE

More news on the Pangasinan floods

Flood-stricken residents in Central Pangasinan and all the towns near the Agno River blamed authorities of the San Roque Dam for the sudden rise of floodwaters.

Edgar Nigel Lontoc, RDCC regional director, said 25 towns in Pangasinan and the cities of Urdaneta, Dagupan and San Carlos were flooded and that 10 towns in La Union were still underwater.

Lontoc said the dam, which holds water released from the Binga and Ambuklao Dams, opened six gates on Thursday and released at least 10 meters wide of excess water flowing directly to the Agno River.

Lontoc said the water released by San Roque swelled the Agno River, causing floods in most towns of Pangasinan.

Susan Espinueva, a senior weather specialist of the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration, said the San Roque Dam had to release water because the water was six meters higher than the spilling level of 280m.

The National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) reported on Friday that at least 342 barangays in 28 towns and two cities in Pangasinan are still under water. A total of 29,158 families comprising 158,999 persons are affected.

The NDCC said that the San Roque Dam reached its critical level, forcing authorities to open its gates. The water released from the dam flowed into the Agno River, which caused floods in the areas.

Two portions of the dike on Amburayan River in barangay Maria Cristina East and West and Consuegra in Bangar, La Union, collapsed owing to strong current, the NDCC said
In Pangasinan alone, the NDCC said damage to crops, property and fishery was estimated at P17, 285, 930.

The number of affected families rose to 61,576 from Thursday’s 12,000, which is composed of at least 315,518 persons.

Thus declared the provincial board yesterday, noting that floods in 38 towns and cities have damaged, based on initial estimates, P15.729 million worth of fishery stocks and P1.139 million of agricultural crops.#

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