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Provincial Movement for Peace and Justice Launched in Kalinga

Baguio commemorates Int’l IP Day, 2nd Int’l Decade of the World’s IPs

A doctor of the masses and Cordillera leader ambushed

Medical and religious groups held an indignation caravan condemning the ambush of Claver family

CPA Kalinga Vice Chair ambushed; Wife dead

Baguio City Council condemns killing of Markus Bangit

Lacub teachers host teachers' training for relevant education

Double commendation for the Supreme Court, Strike two for the people

CPA hosts national confrerence on mining and indigenous peples

CHICO-Metro Manila formed

Punks 11 file charges versus PNP

INNABUYOG leader killed in Kalinga

Uma tribal elders-leaders conference held

CPA slams torture, arrest of 11 civilians in Buguias

Lepanto is prime suspect in Luba fishkill

NGO worker in Lumad community killed

Abra's TADEK holds 3rd general assembly

6th WTO trade talks a failure -- CPA

Asian Women Join WTO

Protests vs. mining liberalization brought to Hongkong

Women's tribunal: WTO guilty of crimes vs. rural women






Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and Jovito Palparan Should Both Pay for Their Crimes Against Humanity!

Condemn the Servility of the Arroyo Government to the US Superpower! Fight for Genuine Independence and Sovereignty!

KMU-Cordillera slams solon's anti-worker stand

Statement from the Cordillera Human Rights Alliance and the Ilocos Human Rights Advocates: Knowing the Real Enemy

CODAL Baguio-Benguet Statement on the Extralegal Release of US Marine Daniel Smith

Uphold our Rights! Assert the Spirit of the International Human Rights Day!

CON-ASS: A Brazen Maneuver of a Shameless Regime

Innabuyog-GABRIELA: Commit Smith to Philippine Jail, Junk VFA

Kalinga Peace Advocates Unity Statement

On September 21: Stop the Killings

HUSTISYA UNITY STATEMENT: '0 Day of Wrath, 0 Day of Mourning'

May the investigation lead to the prosecution of the mastermind

End Abductions and Political Killings

Statement on the Occasion of the Second Decade of the World's Indigenous Peoples

Kalinga Peace Advocates Unity Statement

End Abductions and Political Killings

Statement on the occassion of the Second Decade of the World's Indigenous Peoples

Reign of Terror Intensifying: CPA calls for the immediate relief of PNP Chief Pedro Ramos in Kalinga

Statement from the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues Chairperson

CPA-Kalinga Chapter Statement on the killing of Claverv (Iloko)

Bayan Muna Partylist Statement on the killing of Claver

Health Alliance for Democracy (HEAD) Statement on the killing of Claver

Statement on the political assassination attempt to Dr. Chandu Claver

Rage for Alice

Statement of condemnation on the attempted assassination of Dr. Chandu Claver

ANAKPAWIS-Cordillera statement on the continued detention of Rep. Crispin Beltran

An appeal to the graduates of the Philippine Military Academy

After PP 1017: State Terrorism of GMA regime continues

GMA is the clear and present danger

Never again to martial law, defend our civil liberties

CPA statement on the occasion of People Power I Commemoration

20 years after People Power, GMA resurrects martial law

CHRA statement on the torture and arrests

Stop the killings! Justice to the victims of political repression and state terrorism.

October is Peasant Month

petitions and declarations

Petition for the release of Ka Crispin Beltran

Unity Declaration of Cordillera Migrants in Hongkong

Unity Statement on Mining and WTO










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