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Windel Bolinget, current chairperson of CPA, on the DOJ proscription list.

March 25, 2018

To fight for the rights and welfare of the people, especially the exploited and oppressed poor people, is not a crime. More importantly, it's not terrorism. To struggle for the defense of our ancestral lands and self determination as indigenous peoples and national minorities is not terrorism. To fight for social justice and system change is not a crime nor terrorism. It's an obligation and responsibility to our people, country, and humanity which deserves the highest respect and honor. Just like what our ancestors and heroes did in resisting Spanish colonialism and subsequent colonial powers, against the Marcos dictatorship and fascist regimes, against injustice and tyranny, against the Chico Dams, Cellophil logging, plunder and destruction of our territories and resources. They were not terrorists because they were true patriots and heroes.

My name was maliciously included along with former and current officers of the Cordillera Peoples Alliance (CPA) in a draconian petition listing so-called terrorists by the Department of Justice. I strongly condemn such terrorist tagging. I am not a terrorist. I don't have criminal records. In fact, we are the victims of State fascism and terrorism by the Duterte regime which is the real terrorist. It is guilty of mass murder in its so-called war on drugs/Tokhang, extrajudicial killings of activists-human rights defenders-advocates, bombings of communities, forced evacuation, military terrorism, illegal arrests and detention, fabrication of legal cases, political vilification, harassment and intimidation, terrorist tagging, etc.

In college, I have been a student leader and activist advancing the democratic rights and welfare of students. Upon graduating in college, I joined the CPA which is the broadest grassroots-based alliance in the Cordillera region and legitimate organization established in 1984. I served as the CPA Secretary General and, currently, the Chairperson. I'm the Co-Convenor of KATRIBU (the national alliance of indigenous peoples organizations) and National Council member of SANDUGO (national alliance of Moro and indigenous peoples) and ILPS Philippines. Currently, member of the Global Steering Council of Land is Life and former Spokesperson of the international Indigenous Peoples Movement for Self Determination and Liberation (IPMSDL) which I helped establish.

This malicious terrorist tagging of leaders of progressive peoples' organizations, personalities and fascist attacks by the Duterte regime is meant to silence the people in exercising their sovereign power against injustice and extreme conditions of oppression and exploitation. That draconian petition and terrorist tagging must be junked and trashed. The Duterte regime is fascist, tyrant and terrorist which must be outlawed and ousted by the people. We must not allow this regime to violate our basic rights and freedoms. We must not be silenced. We must rise up and bravely advance genuine change. The more the Duterte regime attacks the people, the more it commit mistakes towards its downfall. Together, let's make history in resisting tyranny!


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