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Statement in relation to COVID-19

March 15, 2020

The poor are the most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the problem with corrupt government and serves few and foreigners instead of the people. Whenever there is a virus outbreak or pandemic like COVID-19, poor populations are the most vulnerable and most pitiful. They lack or don't have money to pay for expenses, workers, taxis / jeepney drivers, OFWs and others due to lockdown, travel ban, labor adjustments.

There is no social insurance / protection to give the government. If there is social insurance and State subsidy, the government will respond to rescue and assisting the people its responsibility.

The health system is for the citizen. This is not a private business but government service. That's why there is a deep social problem and government is the problem with the issue of the corona virus.

Martial law, crackdown or military solution is the dominant thinking of the Duterte regime instead of medical approach for fighting COVID-19.

The absence of punctual, unclear steps and announcements of government are symbolic of cancer society, and it pushes people to panic. This is due to the triangle social system.

This system should be challenged and changed towards fundamental change where the government is truly democrat and serves the people. Thus, they will be healthy / healthy, prosperous and free.

Some of what the government should do:

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