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On the Benguet PPOC resolution vs CPLA

June 14, 2018

The Cordillera Peoples Alliance is one with the Benguet Peace and Order Council (PPOC) in denouncing the deceitful recruitment activities by the mercenary group Cordillera Peoples Liberation Army-Cordillera Bodong Administration (CPLA-CBA) in the province. CPLA is known for its notorious track record of human rights violations in the region.

We commend the Benguet PPOC for its firm position against the recruitment activities of the CPLA through a resolution the Benguet PPOC passed after receiving several reports from barangay officials and residents that the CPLA is using the government's federalism campaign to engage people and are also recruiting people to join the CPLA claiming that they will eventually be integrated in the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Earlier this year, the Kalinga PPOC also condemned CPLA recruitment activities thru a respective resolution.

The resolutions passed by the Kalinga and Benguet PPOCs is a testament of the Cordillera peoples’ rage and disgust over the CPLA. Indeed, activities conducted by this mercenary and paramilitary group should not be condoned due to their bloody record of human rights violations. Instead, they should be weeded out and held accountable for their crimes against the Cordillera people.

The list of CPLA’s crimes against the people makes them no different from terrorists and will remain an insignia of violence and opportunist politics. We must never forget the atrocities of this opportunist mercenary group who have let themselves be used as killing machines by past administrations and committed horrible crimes against civilians, activists and human rights advocates in the region. Many Cordillera Peoples Alliance leaders and members, including Ama Daniel Ngayaan from Kalinga and Romy Gardo from Abra, became martyrs through the bloodied hands of the CPLA.

While Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process, Jesus Dureza, has earlier denied having assigned factions or members of the CPLA to recruit individuals for the AFP, the despotic and tyrannical regime of Pres. Duterte may coddle the CPLA and allow it to get away with any crimes it commits against the people as has been done by previous regimes.

At this time of intensifying tyranny of the Duterte regime, we must not allow the CPLA to unleash yet another wave of human rights atrocities. We must immediately oppose any attempt of the CPLA to mislead people and any move it makes that will worsen the human rights situation in the region. Let us unite in correcting the historic injustices committed by the CPLA and hold them accountable to their crimes against the people.

We call on our kakailian, our fellow Cordillerans, to remain vigilant and thwart all and any efforts of the CPLA-CBA to deceive, mislead and victimize the people. Together let us expose and oppose all crimes and acts of terror of the CPLA.#

For reference: Bestang Dekdeken, Secretary General
0917 155 1570

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