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No to US War on Iran! Stop US imperialist aggression!

January 25, 2020

The Cordillera Peoples Alliance (CPA) joins various groups and peace-loving people all over the world in today’s global day of protest against the United States’ war on Iran. CPA also condemns the continued imperialist aggression of the US in Iran and other countries in the Middle East.

On January 3, Iran’s General Qasem Soleimani and other officials of Iraq and Iran were killed in Baghdad in a drone strike ordered by US President Trump. This was a blatant act of murder and violation of international law committed by the US, which resulted in an outrage not only in Iran and Iraq but the people of the world who are rising against US imperialism and terrorism.

The killing of Soleimani was the latest act of aggression and terrorism by the US against Iran, a country that has long been fighting for sovereignty and self-determination from the hands of the US. Contrary to US’ claim that Soleimani was a terrorist, he was a well-known master strategist against terrorist groups like Al Qaeda and the Islamic State. He also fought against US dictates on Iran.

There is no doubt that the ultimate reason behind the killing of Soleimani and the many other acts of aggression by the US against Iran is for the imperialist US to fully control the country and to plunder its oil and natural resources.

The attack on Iran is also an attack on all peoples of the world who are standing up for genuine national sovereignty and self-determination against US imperialist dictates. We therefore enjoin our fellow peace-loving individuals and Filipino citizens to condemn the US war on Iran and the Middle East, and the US’ acts of aggression and terrorism in many other countries including the Philippines.

The Cordillera’s mountainous terrain and its vast river systems is very vulnerable during massive rains and other natural calamities. In the advent of climate change, large-scale mining operations cause greater risks of disasters and loss of life.

No to war on Iran!
US troops out of the Middle East!
Oppose US imperialist wars and aggression!

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