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Justice for Imam Bedejim Abdullah
Stop the Killings! End Impunity!
Tongtongan ti Umili-Cordillera Peoples Alliance

December 7, 2018

Tongtongan ti Umili-Cordillera Peoples Alliance strongly condemns the brutal killing of Muslim leader Imam Bedejim Abdullah in broad daylight last December 6.

Imam Bedejim was a peace-loving individual and was very active in his advocacies. He was instrumental in movements against violent extremism, extra-judicial killings, environmental destruction and the entry of casinos in the city. He also built facilitated harmony and sought unity with other religious groups and was usually at the forefront of inter-faith dialogue and events.

This recent attack against a religious leader shows that even a city like Baguio is not spared from the relentless killings under the Duterte regime. The president’s rhetoric of murders and killings has enabled a culture that allows for anyone, even religious leaders, to become easy targets of violence, this while the perpetrators are remain free and bereft of any responsibility.

We urge the authorities to conduct a full and impartial investigation and swiftly render justice to Imam Bedejim’s death.

Tongtongan ti Umili joins the whole community in mourning and calling for justice for Imam Bedejim Abdullah. Likewise, we call on the people of Baguio to be vigilant in our quest for justice and our struggle to put an end to lawless violence.

Justice for Imam Bedejim Abdullah!
Stop the killings!
End impunity!

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