Posted: November 24, 2006
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717 Extrajudicial Killings Under GMA: A Fil-Am Exposurist Perspective


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July 31, 2006

On July 31 at 12pm, our exposure team was scheduled to attend a presentation on
the human rights situation in the Philippines. However, the presentation
started much earlier that morning.

At 7:45am I received a text stating, "Rie Mon "Ambo" Guran, 21, League of
Filipino Students, spokesperson of Aquinas University was shot dead today 6am
in Bulan, Sorsogon. Justice for AMBO! End Arroyo's tyranny!

At 9:24am I received another text stating, "Dr. Chandu Claver (Bayan Muna
Chair, and Cordillera Peoples Alliance [CPA] member in Kalinga) and his wife
(Alice) were shot early this morning in Bulanao, Kalinga. Dr. Chandu is out of
danger but his wife is in critical condition." The text did not include that,
Sandy, their 11 year old daughter was also hurt in the incident.

At 11:30am, upon arriving at the location of the human rights presentation, I
was informed that a news photographer was shot in my family's hometown of
Malabon in Manila.

Finally at 1:30pm I received a text from a friend at CPA stating, "We are now
in tears for the death of Alice Claver, Bayan Muna Kalinga."

Three people were murdered all in the span of a few hours this morning.
Literally, I received several wake up calls to the horrid human rights
situation in my homeland. The three deaths bring the extrajudicial killing
total under the Arroyo administration to 717. 120 of the murders occurred in
the first eight months of this year.

One important question to ask is who is responsible for the seven hundred and
seventeen extrajudicial killings. Many witnesses as well as organizers from
the militant mass organizations such as Bayan Muna and League of Filipino
Students point to the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

In a documentary entitled "State of War" broadcasted on mainstream Philippine
television last week, a reporter asked Major General Jovito Palparan of the
AFP, if he was directly responsible for the long list of killings. Palparan
replied with a smile, "Not directly, but maybe indirectly." Palparan explained
that he trained his men to be agressive and that his training could encourage
such killings. Furthermore, the major general openly commented that because the
victims were associated with leftist militant organizations, the murders were
good for the country.

Ultimately, it is the President of the Philippines, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
(GMA), who is responsible for the spate of extrajudicial killings. She is
either responsible for causing them or at the very least she is responsible for
bringing the perpetrators to justice.

It is more likely that GMA is a cause behind the killings based on her open
endorsement of Jovito Palparan in her State of the Nation Address (SONA) last
week. At SONA, GMA stated, "Jovito Palparan has come to grips with the enemy.
He will not let go until the communities in the long night of terror emerge
into the light of law and freedom.” Placing GMA behind the cause of the
murders explains why the perpetrators of all 717 incidents were never brought
to justice.

Even further beyond GMA, the United States government is also responsible for
the horrid human rights situation in the Philippines. Each year the Philippine
Government receives hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid as well as
training from the U.S.

The hundreds of millions in military aid to the Philippines from the U.S.
explains why GMA openly endorses Major General Jovito Palparan even though he
may be "indirectly" responsible for the long list of unjust murders.
The clear target of all the murders are those associated with militant left
organizations under the BAYAN or Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (New Patriotic
Alliance) umbrella. BAYAN is a pro-people, national democratic alliance that
opposes foreign domination and exploitation of the Philippines.

BAYAN believes the Philippines suffers from poverty because the government
allows multi-national corporations (MNCs) such as Dole Pineapple and Nestle to
use the land, resources, and people of this country at extremely low costs
without appropriate compensation. The low operational costs generates super
profit for the MNCs. In return, the MNCs payoff the government officials for
allowing the practice to continue. The result is what we see in the
Philippines today-a small rich elite 1% of the population with a majority
living in extreme poverty.

The U.S. being home to many of the largest investors of the MNCs is highly
supportive and extremely agressive in developing and maintaining such unjust
economic practices with third world countries. That is why the U.S. government
allocates hundreds of millions in military aid to the AFP even though the
Philippine military is engaged "indirectly" in murdering hundreds of innocent

It is also the millions in payoffs the MNCs give to corrupt government
officials such as GMA that explains why the Philippine president would be
behind the killing of BAYAN organizers.

For the last twenty years BAYAN has been educating, organizing, and mobilizing
the Philippine masses against the corrupt government of the Philippines. It is
the organizations under BAYAN that are primarily responsible for both People
Power I and II. It is clear, based on the efforts of the governent to wipe out
BAYAN and both people power uprisings, that the pro-people alliance poses a
serious threat to the unjust order.

The Protracted Peoples War carried out by the National Democratic Front,
Communist Party of the Philippines, and the New Peoples Army (NDF, CPP, NPA) is
also a direct threat to corrupt Philippine government. The NDF, CPP, NPA have
been the primary enemy of the AFP for the last forty years.

Now the Philippine government and the AFP have changed its primary target. It
is no longer aiming primarily at the NDF, CPP, NPA. The Philippine government
and AFP's number one enemy is now the unarmed civilian mass movement led by
BAYAN. The government and its military is making the allegation that BAYAN is
a front for the NDF, CPP, NPA and therefore is no longer distinguishing between
armed combatants and unarmed civilians. Under the Oplan Bantay Laya, the
government aims to wipe out all opposition to its corrupt practices by taking
away the most basic human right, the right to life. #

This statement comes from one of the members of the League of Filipino Students
and babae San Francisco Philippine Exposure team. Both organizations are
members of BAYAN-USA. For more information on BAYAN USA go to

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