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CPA denounces formation of National Task Force Mining Challenge
February 17, 2018
URGENT ALERT UPDATE: On the intensifying attacks against human rights defenders in the Cordillera, Philippines
February 12, 2018
CPA, CHRA warn Duterte: Dictators fall
February 12, 2018
Stop the US-Duterte Reign of Terror!
February 9, 2018
Charter change worsens national oppression of indigenous peoples
January 23, 2018
What the NCIP Should be Calling Out For
December 29, 2017


URGENT ALERT: Stop the Attacks on Women Human Rights Defenders in the Cordillera, Philippines

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The Cordillera Peoples Alliance comes out with a regular publication, HAPIT, published in both English and Ilokano, the regional lingua franca. “Hapit” is the rootword of the Ifugao term “hahapitan,” which means community dialogue.



World's Indigenous Peoples Day

Press Conference in preparation for the Indigenous Peoples Day

Unveiling of the Monument Dedicated to the Heroes of the Anti-Chico Dam Struggle